Why To Register..

By the Registration, You can perform different tests like HASIT, HABIT etc to diagnose Speech Disorder. You have to generate User-Id & Password. After approval you will be able to login.

Who Can Join?

1. Since Registered users can diagnose speech disorder, so any Speech Language Therapist can register and perform tests on his/her patients.

2. Any Caregiver/Patient Relative can also register to observe Improvement in Patient's Speech.

3. Any NGO's member or Social Worker can also Join

How it works?

1. Register your self here, and create User-Id and Password.

2. After Approval from our side, your credentials (User-id,Password) will be get enabled for log-in.


We have tried tirelessly to make this test series. Our objective is to evaluate the condition of speech disorder patients as accurately as possible.

For the time being this registration is free, no fee of any kind will be charged from you for this.

For any Help/Query Call:0731-3594374

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